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Weekly Services


A synagogue has many roles, but its most fundamental is to be a house of worship. Since at least the beginning of the twentieth century, the centerpiece of Temple B’nai Abraham worship is the Friday evening service, Erev Shabbat, when we welcome Shabbat. Over the decades, as times have changed, congregational leaders and clergy have varied that service to meet the tastes, needs and desires of an evolving world and an evolving community of congregants.

All Friday night services begin at 6:30 PM, but the minhag of Friday night services varies. As an extended family we enjoy a range of worship styles, especially those which lend to more congregational participation and singing. Afterwards there is an Oneg Shabbat reception for all to enjoy.

The first Friday each month will be our One Family/Birthday Service. It is a bit shorter to accommodate the youngest among us but a “real” service nonetheless. Every month we will call up children (and willing adults) to be acknowledged and blessed by the clergy for their birthday and the children receive a small gift. A story will be told and Rabbi Vaisberg will play guitar and accompany Cantor Epstein with lively songs and prayers accessible to all.

The second Friday of each month will be our Klez-Shabbat and feature our three piece ensemble of Ilya Maslov on piano, Mitch Endick on flute/clarinet and Kevin Brown on upright bass. Other musicians may join them throughout the year. It is an energetic and lovely service will which have everyone singing and tapping their toes. There will be a d’var torah or other remarks from the clergy at this popular service.

The third Friday of each month features pianist Ilya Maslov as our accompanist on piano. His beautiful playing in a variety of styles, including folk, traditional, and modern compositions enhances our worship. A d’var torah or remarks from the clergy will be offered as well.

The fourth Friday of each month varies, often it is a Class Service from our Jewish Learning Program, but we are also planning a Folk Shabbat with guitarist Bob Mellman, a Choir Shabbat featuring an American liturgical composer, a Yom Yerushalayim Shabbat and more. Please check the website for more information on these services.

We are pleased to welcome Susan and Vanderlei Pereira and Joe Bussey to TBA as a new ensemble of piano, drum and bass who will join us for some “Fourth Friday” Shabbatot throughout the year. They bring a rich tradition of jazz, contemporary and rock music to our worship – come and hear them!

Details about a particular service can always be found on the Temple website or our Facebook page. Please check

Shabbat Morning: 10:00 AM Ross Sanctuary
Junior Congregation: from 9:00 to 10:00 AM
in the Brody Youth Lounge

Summer Morning Services: 10:00 AM 
(begin the same time as regular Saturday morning Shabbat Services)

Jr. Congregation 2019
Saturdays 9:00 –10:00 AM in the Brody Youth Lounge
2019: October 5, November 23 & December 14
2020: January 25, March 14 & April 4
Jr. Congregation Instructions & Guidelines:
-Sign in DOWNSTAIRS for Junior Congregation service attendance credit.

-Sign in UPSTAIRS (next to ladies’ rest room) for credit when attending regular Shabbat services.
-3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th grade students will be meeting in the Brody Youth Lounge

Junior Congregation meets once a month and is designed to help your children become comfortable leading the service here at TBA. We ask each family to do their best to have the children attend 8 services during the year. They can include:Junior Congregation, Holidays (sorry- Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur do not count toward services attended!) Sunday Morning Men’s Club Minyan,and Friday night or Saturday Shabbat services.

Please make sure that your child signs in downstairs for Junior Congregation in the Brody Youth Lounge. If they are attending a non-Junior Congregation service, have your child sign the book located on the table outside of the ladies’ rest room..

Tot Shabbat Services Every Fridays, at 5:45  PM via Facebook Live!
Preschoolers and their parents are encouraged to join us for a lively Tot Shabbat service every Frdiay  via Facebook Live on the Temple B’nai Abraham Facebook page.!

Led by our rabbi and cantor, we welcome Shabbat with singing, clapping, stories and celebration!

Prayers, Songs, Stories and Lots of Fun! All Services are on Fridays @ 5:45 PM 


SUMMER SERVICES:All begin same times as services during the year.
  • Friday evening services: 6:30 PM (outdoors on the patio, weather permitting)smalloutside_services_2016_v2
  • Saturday morning Parashat HaShavuah: 9:00 AM
  • Saturday morning services: 10:00 AM

All services are led by members of the clergy. To ensure that our worship continues with vigor and spirit throughout this slower paced time of year, as well as to be certain those who come to say kaddish are able to do so in a warm, friendly setting, we ask each Temple member to make an effort to attend Saturday morning services at least once during the summer. A critical mass of worshipers makes a wonderful difference for all who are present. With thanks for your collaboration, and best wishes for a restful and relaxing summer.(photo courtesy of Merle Kalishman)

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