January 24, 2022 •
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Views and Schmooze

led by Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg


Views and Schmooze with Rabbi Vaisberg

First Wednesday of the month, 10:00 to 11:00 AM, via Zoom

Join TBA members for a conversation led by Rabbi Vaisberg as we explore current events through a Jewish lens. All perspectives welcome and likely to be challenged (respectfully)!

Topics will be announced a few days before each gathering. Topic suggestions are always welcome, please send them to Rabbi Vaisberg.

The topic for Dec. 1 is: Beyond Pork — what are we Jews to make of faux, kosher(?) pork, what are we progressive Jews to make of the position taken by the Orthodox Union, and what are the larger lessons to take from such a narrow, potentially tasty, concern? It would be helpful but not necessary to read the following: https://www.wsj.com/articles/is-that-kosher-rabbis-debate-plant-based-pork-11636993152

Please note: This class is limited to TBA members.

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