November 11, 2019 •
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The Rabbi Clifford M. Kulwin Education Fund

established March, 2019

Donate to The Rabbi Clifford M. Kulwin Education Fund

  • New TBA Fund…The Rabbi Clifford M. Kulwin Education Fund

    The Rabbi Clifford M. Kulwin Education Fund is established to make certain Jewish education is available and affordable to all Temple members.

    Monies raised reduce the cost of educating our children and ensure that Jewish education is easily accessible to every family within our Temple family. If you want to make perhaps the most concrete and substantial impact possible on Jewish life, and support the congregation we all hold dear, please consider a donation.

    Contact the Temple office for more information.

    Please use the form below to submit your donation. Thank you for your contribution!

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As of October 18, 2019

Micheline & Stuart Abelson
Randi & Marc Berson
Barbara & Scott Birnbaum
Arlene & Richard Bookbinder
Terry & Denis Bovin
Beth & Kenneth Friedman
Terri & Mark Friedman
Andrea & Warren Grover
Susan & Alan Hammer
Ellen & Peter Klein
Bette & Stan Kurzweil
Carlos Lejneiks
Ellen & Richard Lincer
Jane & Alan Mark
Eileen & Marc Mellman
Marian & David Rocker
Julie & M. Steven Silbermann
Ethel & Robert Singer

In honor of the birth of Harris Caldwell Cohen
Myra Cohen

In honor of Leo Facher and Miles Facher becoming B’nai Mitzvah
Judy & Stewart Colton

In memory of Melvin Stempler
Ila & Jan Press and Rachelle & Rick Press

In memory of Hazel Starr
Illana & Jason Lebersfeld & Family
The Facktor Family

In honor of the birth of Samuel Aaron Bookbinder
Tina Greenberg

In memory of Allyn Cooper
Bobbie Weisenfeld

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