September 23, 2020 •
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Talmud with Max Edwards

Max Edwards

Max Edwards

Talmud with Max Edwards, Rabbinical Assistant
Thursdays, August 27, 1:00 PM

    • Come join us this summer for a bi-weekly dive into the sea of literature that is the Talmud. In this course, we’ll survey a range of Talmudic texts dealing largely with the theme of “community.” We’ll explore the ways in which our Rabbis sought to shape the contours of their own community structures, as well as their roles within community structures not their own. We’ll bring in our own voices to this millennia-long conversation and examine where we fit ourselves in, especially given the political and social crises we’re facing today. All are welcome! No background in Talmud necessary; all texts will be taught using English translation.
Temple B'nai Abraham...Socially Distant but Spiritually Close! Stay safe & well!

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