November 27, 2020 •
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Sukkot 5781: Celebrating Sukkot at Home

Building a Sukkah
etrogand lulavBelieve it or not, Sukkot is fast approaching! Below, you’ll find resources for building a sukkah and instructions for purchasing your own lulav and etrog.
As most of us have been staying in our permanent dwellings for many months, Sukkot offers us an opportunity to reexperience the senses, take in the outdoors, and notice the world around us.
sukkahOn to the building! Sukkah building is not just a great family activity, it connects us back to our ancestors wandering in the desert, seeking shelter and protection amid 40 years of uncertainty.
There are a few specific laws of sukkah building, which are stated very clearly at this link. To sum it up, a sukkah must have 2.5 walls, be sturdy enough to withstand an ordinary wind, have more shade than sun, and the schach (the roofing on the sukkah) should be detached from the ground and nature-based (leaves, branches, a bamboo mat, etc.).
This first sukkah building link is much more my speed! It looks like you just need 9 diamond lattice panels, 2′ x 6′ or 2′ x 8′ for the walls, a pack of zip-ties, and a couple of cinder blocks to tie it all together and keep it steady.
For those more handy amongst us, here is a link to a PVC-based sukkah, which will probably take a run to the hardware store.
Many more additional resources can be found online. We invite you to experiment with what you find and make it your own with decorations and phone
Once we reach Sukkot, please submit pictures of your beautiful community sukkahs here to share with the community.
Happy Building!
Shanah Tovah,
Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg
Cantor Jessica Epstein
Max Edwards, Rabbinical Assistant
Temple B'nai Abraham...Socially Distant but Spiritually Close! Stay safe & well!

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