April 1, 2020 •
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Rosh Hodesh 5780

with Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, sponsored by Sisterhood-The Women's Connection
Rosh Hodesh is the celebration of the new Hebrew month and is a special time for women. Sisterhood—The Women’s Connection welcomes all women to join in an evening of learning, warmth, and spiritual growth. The Spring Rosh Hodesh event features a Women’s Seder before Passover. Join us each or any month and feel the sisterhood connection.


Schedule for 2020

Canceled — Women’s Seder


Tuesday, May 12, 2020,  7:30 PM—33rd day of the Omer


The December Money Dilemma…Coveting vs. Contentment Explored  at TBA Rosh Hodesh

Sisterhood Rosh Hodesh group had a wonderful celebration in the middle of the month of Kislev with guest presenter, Rabbi Mary Zamore. Editor of The Sacred Exchange, Rabbi Zamore facilitated a stimulating discussion based on Jewish texts focused on the topics of contentment and coveting. Sharing texts from Torah and Talmud, our current challenges were seen through the lens of Jewish tradition. Noshes for the program included Fair Trade Hanukkah gelt (Divine chocolate).

rosh hodesh with Rabbi Zamore 2019

Rosh Hodesh Adar! 

Purim is celebrated in Adar, a month when we celebrate strong women in the Book of Esther and Purim. We spent the evening baking Hamantaschen, the iconic Purim holiday pastry and celebrating and learning about strong Jewish women. Rabbi Dantowitz led the baking and the learning. Everyone brought their rolling pin! 


Motherhood in the Modern Age Explored at TBA Rosh Hodesh

Temple B’nai Abraham’s  Sisterhood-The Women’s Connection Rosh Hodesh program in the Hebrew month of Heshvan (November) focused on the theme of “Motherhood in the Modern Age.” Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, who leads the monthly Rosh Hodesh at TBA,  framed the program with a traditional and modern interpretation of the passage from Proverbs 31 which begins: “A woman of valor who can find, her worth is far beyond that of rubies.” [Proverbs 31:10] Women of various generations reflected on their shared and different experiences as mothers.

“It was a wonderful evening of Sisterhood, connection, warmth, and learning. Those in attendance were inspired by panelists Jane Eisenstat, Donna Ellenbogen and Miriam Palmer-Sherman as well as all of the women present who explored the joys and challenges of motherhood,”  noted Rabbi Dantowitz.


The Temple & schools are closed. The JLP is conducting remote learning. Check back for updates! Stay safe and well!

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