January 19, 2020 •
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Temple Funds

Clergy Discretionary Fund

As November 21, 2019

 In memory of Mark Epstein’s mother, Harriet Epstein
In honor of Mrs. Alice Weinstein’s 94th birthday
Diane & Jerry Jacob

In honor of Rabbi Vaisberg’s Installation
David Schatsky & Susan Bodnar

In honor of the Jacob Family High Holy Day Aliyot
Deborah & Gregg Jacob

In honor of their granddaughter, Julia Kollin chanting the Haftarah on Rosh HaShanah
Arlene & Dan Kollin

In honor of sitting on the bimah & second day Rosh HaShanah Aliyah
Evelyn & Amos Gern

In memory of Norman Lefkowitz, father of Bill Lefkowitz
In honor of the marriage of Ryan Gottsegen to Lexi Wallace
Barbara & Dan Kaplan

To the Fund
Helena Diamant Glass

 In memory of Allyn Cooper, wife of Larry Cooper
Helen Farber
Bobbi Bromberg

In memory of Abraham Stierman, father of Mark Stierman
Joan & Harry Cagin
Mark Stierman
Marjorie Feld

In honor of Rabbi Dantowitz & Rabbi Vaisberg with thanks for their support
Mary Beth Davidson & Family

In honor of Rabbi Vaisberg for his help and support
Lory Bernstein

In honor of Marlene Lupin’s 80th birthday
Evi Meinhardt

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