January 16, 2018 •
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Temple Funds

Clergy Discretionary Fund

As December 14, 2017

In honor of Greg & Nikki’s wedding, with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin
Mary Beth & Jeff Davidson

To The Fund

Len Cohen
In honor of Julie & Gregg Klein’s daughter Sydney becoming a Bat Mitzvah
In honor of Karyn Klein’s granddaughter Sydney becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Caren & Herb Ford

In memory of Lois Witmondt’s mother
Diane & Jerry Jacob

In honor of Sydney Klein, granddaughter of Karyn Klein, becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Adrienne & Stan Schwartz

In honor of their recent wedding
Marlene Tepper & Barry Brandt

In memory of her husband Harvey in honor of his unveiling
Marjie Yonteff

In honor of their grandson, Brandon Klaff becoming a Bar Mitzvah
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Gross

In honor of their daughter, Carly & Eric’s wedding
Lisa and Steven Okyle

In memory of his father, Bob Singer
David Singer

In honor of their son, Michael & Frazana’s Auf Ruf
Susan & Joel Goldstein

In memory of Robert Lowenstein, father of Debbi Lebersfeld
Adrienne & Stan Schwartz

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