November 26, 2020 •
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Temple Funds

Clergy Discretionary Fund

As of October 7, 2020

Tzedakah for families effected
Ruth Dolinko
Dr. Howard Ehrenkranz

 In memory of Barry Silberman
The family of Barry Silberman

In memory of Dr. Stan Leonard, Max Edwards’ grandfather
Helen Farber

To the Fund
Lynn Stecklow

In honor of the baby naming of Phoenix Locke Perchuk
Carly and Eric Perchuk

In memory of Renee Yedwab, mother of Debra Pearlson
Debra & Ross Pearlson
Larry Cooper

 In memory of her mother, Helen Kessler, with appreciation to Rabbi Vaisberg & Cantor Epstein
Regina K. Roth & the family of Helen Kessler

In honor of the marriage of Jill Dolinko, daughter of Judy and Rich Dolinko
Roberta and Randy Samuels

In memory of Carol Coval, mother of Jean Reich
Barbara and Dan Kaplan

In honor of Morgan Abramson, daughter of Susan & Keith, becoming a Bat Mitzvah
In honor of Josie Plotnick, daughter of Kimberly & Stephen, becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Betty Ende 

 In honor of Darcy Bialick, daughter of Rebecca & Todd, becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Susan and Alan Hammer

 In honor of Rabbi Vaisberg for taking such good care of her family
Mary Beth Davidson

 In honor of Rabbi Vaisberg & the TBA High Holy Services
Mark Pinkus

 In honor of Max Edwards joining the clergy
Julie & Fred Rosenberg

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