February 18, 2019 •
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Temple Funds

Clergy Discretionary Fund

As January 23, 2019

In memory of his father, Gerald Allen, with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin
Eric Allen

To the Fund
Nancy S. Denburg

In honor of Rabbi Dantowitz for all her caring & help with his mother’s unveiling
Richard Dinar

In memory of Olga Feuer, mother of Bernice Garbade, with thanks to Rabbis Kulwin & Dantowitz
Bernice & Ken Garbade

In memory of his father, Lester Abelson
Stuart Abelson

In memory of Beth Levithan’s husband Allen
Adrienne & Stan Schwartz
Marylou & Irwin Facher

In memory of Kathy Gering’s parents, Marilyn & Irving Kuskin
Kathy Gering
Sandi & Stephen Markman

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