December 19, 2018 •
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Temple Funds

Clergy Discretionary Fund

As November 26, 2018

In honor of his Bar Mitzvah with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin & Rabbi Dantowitz
Ben Epstein

In memory of Al Isaacson, father of Lory Bernstein
Rick Bernstein

In honor of the wedding of Matthew Baredes & Brittany Berkowitz
Roz & Soly Baredes

In memory of his father Milton Kukoff, with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin
Michael Kukoff

In memory of Edith Levin, mother of Arlene Bookbinder
Mary Levine & Alan Goldstein

In memory of her mother, Mickey Baroff, with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin
Nancy Dinar

In honor of their daughter, Amanda becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Rebecca & Todd Bialick

In memory of her mother, Edith Levin, with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin
Arlene Bookbinder

In memory of Stanley Schorr, father of Alison Halper
In honor of Luke Seidman, grandson of Betty Ende becoming a Bar Mitzvah
Elaine & Harris Cahn

In memory of Burt Sebold, husband of Pat Sebold
Debby & Jack Gillman

In honor of Benjamin Epstein becoming a Bar Mitzvah
In memory of William Rubin
Sariece Rubin & Jonas Family

In memory of Mickey Baroff, mother of Nancy Dinar
Shari Weiner

In memory of her son, Michael Uiberall
Lynne Uiberall

 In honor of their wedding anniversary Aliyah
Renee & Edward Rosenthal

In memory of his mother, Sandra Farron
Jonathan Farron

In memory of her father, Robert Lowenstein
Debbi Lebersfeld

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