September 21, 2017 •
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Temple Funds

Clergy Discretionary Fund

As September 14, 2017

In honor of their daughter, Dana & Rob’s wedding with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin

Marcy & Mark Schwartz

In honor of Rabbi Kulwin & Rabbi Dantowitz for their love & support as their family grieves Burt’s passing

The Geltzeiler Family

In honor of their daughter Melanie and Matt’s wedding with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin

Brenda & Steven Golombek

In memory of her father, Sol Mayer

Helene Schechter

In honor of their grandson, Gabriel becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Linda & Bob Marshall

In honor of their son, Andrew and Julie’s wedding, with thanks to Rabbi Dantowitz

Karen & David Klugman

In memory of Fern Altman, sister of Brian Altman, with thanks to Rabbi Dantowitz

Jacqueline Jove-Altman & Brian Altman

In memory of her husband Evans Herman on his yahrzeit

Nancy Herman

In honor of Rabbi Kulwin’s birthday

Nancy & Richard Dinar

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