March 17, 2018 •
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Temple Funds

Clergy Discretionary Fund

As February 14, 2018

In honor of Emily Pawlak becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Ellen Rabb

In memory of Lee Barishaw, father of Scott Barishaw
Michelle & Scott Barishaw
Stephanie & David Evenchick

In memory of Robert Lowenstein
Debbi & Max Lebersfeld

In memory of Pearl W. Lewis
Beverly & Robert Slater
The Sayle Family

In memory of Theo Eskow
Robert Eskow

In memory of Arthur Joel Berk
Jennifer Weisman

In memory of Paul Gendel
Ellen Gendel

In memory of Richard Rosenman
Betty Grayson

In memory of Dan Weiss
Ron & Betsy Ladell

In memory of Vera Lichtmacher
Luba & Mark Schonwetter
Michelle & Warren Greenberg

In memory of his father, Herbert Moskowitz
Scott Moskowitz

In memory of her father & in-laws, Milton Seitles, Sam Ende, Tillie Ende
In honor of Luke Wright becoming a Bar Mitzvah
Betty Ende


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