June 25, 2022 •
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Mitzvah of the Month

sponsored by the Social Action Committee
The Temple B’nai Abraham Social Action Committee continues the spirit of Mitzvah Day/Week throughout the year with a Mitzvah of the Month.
Each month, congregant families will have an opportunity to help families and individuals in Essex County who find themselves in need during the pandemic.
Janet O. Penn & Ruth Ross
TBA Social Action Committee Co-chairs
At a time when the community is suffering, no one should say, “I will go home, eat, drink, and be at peace with myself.  – Babylonian Talmud Taanit, 11a.


MOTM June 22 secondhalf

June 2022 Mitzvah of the Month

Heads up – Collection is earlier in the month for this month: by June 5 for grocery collection and by June 7 for homemade meal collection

MOTM June 2022


May 2022 Mitzvah of the Month

The collection of fresh fruit and veggies helped folks get ready for Memorial Day Weekend. Livingston Neighbors Helping Neighbors distributed the produce to local shelters and other outlets helping those with food insecurity.


April 2022
Generous TBA congregants donated 3300 pads in packages of 28, 30, 32, and 36. Donations went to Grace Temple in Newark, Isaiah House in East Orange, and Livingston Neighbors Helping Neighbors to be taken to a church in Newark for distribution. Stacey Abenstein was the chair of this Mitzvah project. Sisterhood—The Women’s Connection partnered with the Social Action Committee on this project.

MOTM may 2022


March 2022
The March Mitzvah was a huge success. About 20 families made 50 trays of ziti and lasagne for local food pantries. baked ziti 1


feb MOM



Boy oh boy, TBA congregants showed up for this effort:IMG_3471

Grace Temple received 75 sets (hats, scarves, mittens — adults and kids)IMG_3437
Cleveland School, Newark, received 80 sets (kids)
Family Promise received 10 adult and 5 kids sets
Livingston Neighbors Helping Neighbors received 300 sets
Isaiah House received 60 sets

IMG_3434Thank you to everyone who knitted, crocheted, and purchased!



In December, our members created snack bags.

Some bags had packets of instant cocoa, candy canes, and fruit. Others had a new pair of socks and maybe some cookies.

These bags of holiday cheer were donated to Livingston Neighbors Helping Neighbors (LNHN), who then distributed them to St. Ann’s, St. John’s and St. Michael’s and St. Rocco’s Churches in Newark.



October 2021 Mitzvah: Keeping it Clean

In October, the Mitzvah of the Month was a collection of paper goods and household cleaning supplies. Despite the drop-off

window being shortened by one day due to inclement weather, a large number of items were collected. The cleaning supplies will be used by shelters and food kitchens in Newark. In the left photo, Temple B’nai Abraham member Ruth Ross drops off her donation at the temple.

August 2021 Mitzvah: Diapers and Such

Temple Beth Abraham members donated 2,800 disposable diapers, 730 baby wipes, 30 tubes of diaper cream, and 10 bottles of baby shampoo and body wash during their August Mitzvah of the Month, Diapers & Such. The collection was sponsored by the Temple B’nai Abraham’s Social Action Committee, the TBA Early School and its Jewish Learning Program.

These items were donated to Livingston Neighbors Helping Neighbors (DiaperCollectionTBA.jpgLNHN), who delivered them to three churches in Newark – St. Ann’s, St. Michael’s and St. John’s; they all have congregations with many young families in need of baby supplies.

HelenFarberTBA.jpgTBA member Helen Farber drops off her donation for August’s Mitzvah of the Month.

feminine products driveTBA June Mitzvah of the Month

Temple B’nai Abraham Social Action Committee co-chairs Janet Penn and Ruth Ross sort packages of feminine hygiene products collected, in partnership with the Sisterhood—The Women’s Connection, for the June Mitzvah of the Month. Over 5,400 sanitary napkins were donated by congregants to be distributed to girls and women who do not have access to such products. Many teenage girls received products in school but can no longer get them during the summer vacation, nor can they be purchased using food stamps. These products were distributed to Newark Emergency Services for Families (NESF) and to three churches in Newark by Nick Santinelli of Livingston Neighbors Helping Neighbors (LNHN). For information regarding Social Action Committees online project please go www.tbanj.org

May 2021 Mitzvah of the Month:


To fulfill the Temple B’nai Abraham Social Action Committee’s May Mitzvah of the Month, congregants made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and assembled breakfast/lunch bags filled with the sandwich, pair of socks, a piece of fruit and a snack.

Over 450 bagged meals were delivered to four Newark churches by Livingston Neighbors Helping Neighbors to feed adults and children who still do not have enough to eat. It is hoped that this nutritious meal will help make the recipients mentally sharp to complete their schooling or go to work.

The JLP and Teen Tikkun Olam have partnered with the Social Action Committee on this activity.



Fulfilling the Social Action Committee’s April Mitzvah of the Month, Produce for Productivity, Temple B’nai Abraham’s congregants donated over 400 bags of vegetables and fruit—bagged potatoes, onions, carrots, apples and oranges—to be delivered to food insecure residents of Essex County by Livingston Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Committee co-chairs Janet Penn and Ruth Ross estimated that, with an average of four pounds of produce in each bag, the total collected was around 1600 pounds; in fact, a 15-pound bag of potatoes was the largest donation made!

Because many who get food from food pantries receive boxed or canned items, the TBA Social Action Committee decided to collect foods with fairly long shelf life that would provide the vitamins and other nutrients so often absent from the usual fare distributed by local food pantries. The committee partnered with the temple’s Jewish Learning Program and Teen Tikkun Olam club on this event.

Mitzvah for the  month of March 2021

Baked Ziti for Local Families Suffering from Food Insecurity

For the March Mitzvah of the Month, the Social Action Committee asked TBA congregant families to contribute a pan of meatless baked ziti to ease the food insecurity faced by our Essex County neighbors. Livingston Neighbors Helping Neighbors (LNHN) picked up the ziti meals from the Temple and delivered them to needy neighbors in Livingston and Newark.

Feeding the hungry is one of Judaism’s basic tenets. The Talmud instructs each Jewish community to establish a public fund to provide the hungry with food. Indeed, feeding the hungry is one of our most important responsibilities on earth: “Providing charity for poor and hungry people weighs as heavily as all the other commandments of the Torah combined.” —Babylonian Talmud, Baba Batra 9a

The February Mitzvah of the Month

The February Mitzvah of the Month involved a collection of the following: warm hats for adults, teens and children, scarves, mittens, and gloves. Many, many bags were filled with much needed hats, scarves, gloves, and mittens for our neighbors in need. Nick Santinelli from Livingston Neighbors Helping Neighbors (LNHN) came to TBA to collect the generously donated items by our very own congregants. They were promptly delivered to 3 Churches in Newark for distribution. What a Mitzvah! The Social Action Committee wholeheartedly thanks our numerous volunteers.  We also want to send a special thank you to Ruth Dolinko who knitted with love several blankets to be used as either lap blankets for the elderly or as baby blankets. Whatever the use, we sincerely appreciate the countless hours spent creating such beauty.

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