January 19, 2018 •
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Life Cycle Events

As of December 14, 2017


Beth & Andrew Nydick, son, Maxwell, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Julie & Gregg Klein, daughter, Sydney, becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Karyn Klein, granddaughter, Sydney, becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Linda & John Schupper, granddaughter, Sydney, becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Leslie & Kenneth Klaff, son, Brandon, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Eliza & Scott Millman, daughter, Farah, becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Marissa Roitman, son, Ari, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Mindy & Greg Scheier, son, Oliver, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Gail & Jason Haber, son, Ethan, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Alyssa & Avery Kranz, son, Brayden, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Inna Blakeman, daughter, Nina Lemash, becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Gallite & Joshua Kestler, son, Jake, becoming a Bar Mitzvah


Janice & Robert Fuerstman on the engagement of their son Samuel to Jessica Rosenberg

Patti & Barry Roberts on the marriage of their daughter Ali’s marriage to Geoffrey Schosheim


Helene & Ron Kurlan on the birth of their granddaughter, Maya Schneider

Miki & Sandy Gordon on the birth of their granddaughter, Eliyanah London Szeller

Sharon & Alan Miller on the birth of their granddaughter, Sylvie Jane Miller

Diana & Jim Daniels on the birth of their new grandson, Charles Daniels Levin


Linda Ross on being the recipient of the Mindy Roth Inspiration Journey Award

Marian & David Rocker on being the recipients of the Harry S. Feller Award

Judi Dutch father, Lewis Goldfinger
Lois Witmondt mother,  Edith Mintz Kolovsky
Temple member Lilyan Feinman
Debbi Lebersfeld father, Robert Lowenstein
Jason Lebersfeld grandfather, Robert Lowenstein
Brian Lebersfeld grandfather, Robert Lowenstein


Norman & Sharon Spindel

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