April 1, 2020 •
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Life Cycle Events

As of February 24, 2020


Lauren & James Feldman, daughter, Madison, becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Melissa & Jonathan Goldstein, son, Samuel, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Renee & Jason Lubetsky, son, Benjamin, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Maya Zilbert, daughter, Hailey Meykler, becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Nyssa Reine-Salz & Andre Salz, daughter, Adele, becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Cantor Jessica Epstein, daughter, Elizabeth, becoming a Bat Mitzvah


Sandi & Stephen Markman, on the birth of their new grandson, James Noam Markman

Sue & Peter Jackowitz, on the birth of their new granddaughter, Mara Sloane Schaffler

Barbara Kessler husband, Howard Kessler
Norma Fischberg mother, Bruce Fischberg
Andrew Grodin mother, Sandra Grodin
Karen Lieberman father, Morton Milden
Rebecca Bialick stepmother, Cathy Silverman
Elizabeth Sodowick husband, George Sodowick
David Sodowick father, George Sodowick


The Temple & schools are closed. The JLP is conducting remote learning. Check back for updates! Stay safe and well!

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