October 18, 2019 •
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Life Cycle Events

As of September 20, 2019


Laurie & Robert Stecklow, son Brett, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Laurie & Robert Stecklow, son Jacob, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Michele & Scott Horowitz, son, Spencer, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Laura & Darren Smith, son, Zachary, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Leigh & Scott Weaver, son, Ethan, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Deanna & Todd Goldstein, daughter, Marlie, becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Christine & Wayne Strassman, son, Gabriel, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Lisa & Steven Heumann, daughter, Samantha, becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Jennifer & Seth Holland, son, Alex, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Evelyn & Amos Gern, grandson, Sam McNair, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Marian & David Rocker, grandson, Yahav Rocker, becoming a Bar Mitzvah


Bobbi & Barry Kolton on their 65th wedding anniversary

Sue & Joel Goldstein, on the marriage of their son, Seth to Jessie Bachman

Andrea & Richard Ribakove, on the engagement of their son, A.J. to Samantha Silverman


Arlene & Richard Bookbinder, on the birth of their new grandson, Samuel Aaron Bookbinder

Bonnie & Keith Gurland, on the birth of their new granddaughter, Rosie Belle Neslon

Elyse Levine father, Jay Lisnow
Mary Patricia Keefe husband, Richard Plotkin
Geralyn Kerven father, Richard Plotkin
David Plotkin father, Richard Plotkin
Matthew Plotkin father, Richard Plotkin
Robert Jonas mother, Sandra “Sandi” Jonas

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