February 24, 2021 •
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Lay Leadership

Jeffrey A. Klein, Esq.

Jeffrey A. Klein, Esq.

Message from TBA President Jeffrey A. Klein:

Dear fellow Temple B’nai Abraham congregants,  

I write to you as the newly elected President of the congregation per the Temple’s constitution after our Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, April 29. Here is how I unexpectedly became President: 

Bruce Greene and I met at Temple B’nai Abraham about 20 years ago. We both volunteered to serve as ushers. Later we served together on the Ritual Committee and in December of 2008 we went on the annual TBA trip to Israel led by Rabbi Kulwin. It was there that the Klein and the Greene families became friends.  

After years of volunteering, Bruce and I both became officers of TBA and I was thrilled when Bruce became President in 2017. I was so honored when he asked me to be his First Vice President because of our friendship and our shared views on lay leadership and process. I was happy to serve as his wingman and I think we both enjoyed his challenge-filled presidency. I know that sounds crazy but it is true. 

 On March 17 Bruce texted me that he was not feeling well and asked me to step in for him at TBA while he was out sick. I texted him back “OK… BUT GET WELL SOON.” Unfortunately, my wish was not granted and it is with a heavy heart that I accept the honor of becoming President of Temple B’nai Abraham. I will finish Bruce’s agenda to the best of my ability.  

 These are unprecedented times. Today, our building may be closed and the future may be uncertain but I promise you that with your help we will once again restore Temple B’nai Abraham to its rightful place as the center of our Jewish life, just as Bruce would have wanted. Thank you for this opportunity to serve you, the congregation, and serve Bruce, my friend. I am both humbled and honored to serve as the next President of this historic synagogue.

Jeffrey A. Klein, Esq.

Temple B’nai Abraham is grateful to be a recipient of a COVID Safety grant from The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey (HFNJ). 2020 has been the year of the pandemic­—the most serious and urgent public health crisis in generations. To help keep the people in our community safe, HFNJ has worked to enable our community non-profits and institutions to understand this new landscape and has funded work to meet this new reality. TBA appreciates HFNJ’s support during these challenging times.

TBA President Jeffrey Klein, Rosh Hashanah 5781 Remarks

Jeffrey A. Klein, TBA President High Holy Days 5781 Remarks PDF

Officers 2020-2021

Jeffrey A. Klein, Esq.

Vice Presidents
Scott Loventhal
Edward Meinhardt
Stacey Rosenberg
Kenneth Starr

Isabella Fiske

Assistant Secretary
Tara Heyderman

Carey Gertler

Assistant Treasurer
Craig Kantor

Immediate Past President
Julie A. Silbermann

Jakob B. Halpern


Past Presidents

*Bruce H. Greene, z”l 2017-2020
Julie A. Silbermann 2013-2017
Edward Meinhardt 2009-2013
BJ Reisberg 2005-2009
Jeffrey D. Roth 2003-2005
Sandra L. Greenberg 1999-2003
Merle H. Kalishman 1995-1999
Ira M. Starr 1991-1995
Marilyn Rosenbaum 1987-1991
*Joel J. Rogoff, z”l 1983-1987
Peter M. Klein 1981-1983
Martin H. Kalishman 1977-1981
*I. Samuel Sodowick, z”l 1973-1977
*Abram Barkan, z”l 1971-1973
*Dr. Sol Parent, z”l 1969-1971
*A. Sam Gittlin, z”l  1965-1969
*Leo Brody, z”l 1963-1965
*Norman Feldman, z”l 1959-1963
*Leo Brody, z”l 1954-1959
*Louis Rosen, z”l 1953-1954
*Samuel Klein, z”l 1949-1953
*Michael A. Stavitsky, z”l 1939-1949
*Albert Hollander, z”l 1926-1939
*Phillip J. Schlotland, z”l  1913-1926
*William S. Rich, z”l 1896-1912
*Moritz Beria, z”l 1871-1896
*Lesser Marks, z”l 1853-1870

* z”l-of blessed memory

Temple B’nai Abraham, Socially Distant…Spiritually Close! Stay safe & well!

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