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Inclusion at the JLP
May 2019
Dear Families,
The Jewish Learning Program of Temple B’nai Abraham embraces andwelcomes the diversity of our community and encourages everyone to seekmeaning and fulfillment by participating in our rich programming inspired by our Jewish heritage. We open our doors to everyone, including people of all backgrounds, abilities and sexual orientations, interfaith couples and families. Inclusion permeates our Center. Inclusion is belonging.

At the JLP, we believe that every child is created in God’s image. We value the uniqueness of each student’s place in our community. We will do everything wecan to make our program a positive learning experience for every child.Accommodations and supports will be implemented within our means andwithin the structure of our program on a case by case basis. We are committed to building open communication and partnership with families so that we can most effectively meet the needs of each child. Our program, and our
commitment to serving children with a range of learning needs, continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our students.

We mean “abilities” and accessibility in the broadest senses — physical, mental, and spiritual. As part of our commitment to accessibility to all, we offer help andaccommodations in many forms. If you need help for special needs or disabilities in a way that isn’t included in the list below, please call the main office 973-994-3950 or email our Director, Melissa Weiner at mweiner@tbanj.org.

In Hebrew B’ruchim Habaim means “Blessed are they who come” or “Welcome”and our our congregations believes in welcoming all who come.

Morah Melissa Weiner
Director of Jewish Learning

2019-2020JLP Learning Profile (PDF)

The JLP is virtual! Stay safe and well!

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