Hanukkah Cards for The Jewish Soldiers Project

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TBA Students Craft Hanukkah Cards for the Jewish Soldiers Project

Always so proud of our Jewish Learning Program students of Temple B’nai Abraham … they helped spread the Hanukkah light. Their messages may have made it to soldiers as far as Kuwait and Nova Scotia!  Judge Keith Freedman, Jewish Soldiers Project Founder noted in an email to Melissa Weiner, Director of Jewish Learning Temple B’nai Abraham, “On behalf of the Jewish SMs served by the Jewish Soldiers Project , I want to thank you, your staff and most of all your students for the beautiful Hanukkah cards made this year. Altogether , more than 50 schools in 30 states made over 2500 Hanukkah cards.  In 2020 , the JSP sent 100 Hanukkah packages and 125 packets of Hanukkah cards to Jews serving in 20 nations, 25 bases across the US and several ships at sea.” The Jewish Soldiers project was founded in 2007 to serve the needs of Jews in the military serving our nation across the nation and around the world.

Photos are of  the military communities, especially those featuring the JLP students’ cards. These photos are from: Kandahar Air Base,  Afghanistan; Novia Scotia,  CAF;  Ft. Benning, GA, and Ft. Hood TX.

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