Back to School Information 2019-2020

Back to School —The Jewish Learning Program

Dear Families,

I hope your summer is filled with beach time, BBQ’s, and late nights of firefly chasing! We are busy getting ready to welcome you to the 2019-20 JLP Academic year. Please know, that while many of us see the JLP as a necessary step toward B’nai Mitzvah, the staff and I see our mission as much more deeply connected to the continuity of Jewish life. We want the synagogue to be a place that children recognize as a warm and nurturing second home. We want their voices to be heard, their spiritual questions to be debated and their future as Jews cemented. To that end, if there is anything we can do to assist you or your child(ren), do not hesitate to reach out. Changes in learning, family dynamics or emotional needs should be communicated to make sure we protect the soul of every child as they learn with us each week. We take getting to really know your children seriously and hope you will partner with us to ensure their success!

To the right are the links to the forms and information you will need to get your school year started. Please note, forms that need to be returned are indicated by an asterisk.→


CARPOOL: Additionally, we are working on a new carpool procedure. Please visit and have one parent from your carpool fill out the carpool verification form. Even if you are not carpooling, please go to the form and indicate that information. Additionally, if you know of anyone who is planning to register and has not done so, please inform them it is urgent that they do so, or they may be closed out of their first preference.

Have a restful summer vacation. Be sure to stop by a service or two and meet Rabbi Vasiberg- I know you will LOVE him! Our theme for this coming year is CHESED: KINDNESS. So I will leave you with this quote, “Chesed is a primary attribute of God. In fact, of the whopping 245 times this word appears in the Torah (telling you something right there), about two-thirds of these instances speak of God’s character and actions. God is the Master of chesed, because, as the Psalm states, “The world is built on chesed”(89:3). So today, let’s all do something kind and build a better world!


Morah Melissa


The JLP is virtual! Stay safe and well!

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