July 20, 2017 •
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Congregational Learning: Rosh Hodesh

Sponsored by Sisterhood, led by Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz

The new moon, or new month, is a special holiday that women celebrate together. Join Sisterhood in a warm atmosphere of sharing, learning and noshing to welcome each new Hebrew month!

Sisterhood Women’s Seder 5777
photos courtesy Ruth Ross & Janet Penn

Rosh Hodesh Sh’vat 5777

Recently, a warm evening of Sisterhood celebrating the month of Sh’vat in which the holiday of Tu B’Sh’vat occurs, the new year of the trees was enjoyed. The evening included poetry and meditation with tree themes, text study about Judaism, the environment and climate change and planting seeds of hope for the future.

Rosh Hodesh Heshvan 5777

For Rosh Hodesh Heshvan, Sisterhood members explored the topic of Gender and Judaism. We reflected on difficult and positive associations in connection with our gender. By studying the stories of Creation, we learned and relearned about the first “adam” or human being. The text in Genesis 1 mentions God creating a being that was both male and female while the text in Genesis 2 describes God creating woman as a fitting helpmate to “Adam.” The Proverbs 31 passage known as Eshet Chayil or A Woman of Valor was a rich text to unpack as we considered our own views of a strong woman. Rosh Hodesh celebrations at TBA are evenings of sharing, learning, connecting and inspiration for our Sisterhood members.


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