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Congregational Learning: 2020-2021


Registration 2021 Congregational Learning

Temple B’nai Abraham provides spiritual, academic, and social programs and courses, opportunities for learning bring people together, Dates and times are subject to change.

All classes will now be conducted over Zoom. If applicable, please use this form to register for TBA congregational learning programs.

    Non-members: Register and then please request the Zoom link at tbainfo@tbanj.org.
  • Courses

    The community is welcome to attend. All courses and programs are free, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Join the lively discussion of legend and lore, the ancient world and the modern one, the Jewish people’s feelings about its God, and God’s feelings about His people. Through our reading of the weekly portion, with the support of traditional and contemporary commentaries, we seek not only to understand the profundities of Torah, but also to understand the world and ourselves a little better. Parallel English/Hebrew texts will be used. Now via Zoom!
  • We gather to take a few good breaths, pause, reflect, and recharge for the week ahead. Come to a mindfulness session to unpack and reconnect in a supportive environment. All levels of experience in meditation welcome. Tuesdays, 7:45 PM with Rabbi Vaisberg. 2020 dates are posted. Dates for 2021 will be posted in December.
  • The Hebrew Bible is more than just our sacred text— it is the foundational document of Western Civilization and a source of meaning for so many. We will explore and discover the Hebrew Bible in its entirety, starting from the first line of Genesis and working our way, for as long as we need to, until the end of 2 Chronicles. We will use parallel English and Hebrew texts and bring in commentaries ancient and contemporary to enhance our explorations. All are welcome. Mondays, 9:30 AM . Dates below are for 2020. 2021 dates will be posted in December.
  • Rosh Hodesh is the celebration of the new Hebrew month and is a special time for women. Sisterhood—The Women’s Connection welcomes all women to join in an evening of learning, warmth, and spiritual growth. The Spring Rosh Hodesh event features a Women’s Seder before Passover. Join us each or any month and feel the sisterhood connection.
  • An in-depth course in Judaism, for Jews and non-Jews alike. We’ll cover Jewish practice, belief, history, and texts, and the course will involve in-class (virtually-speaking) and experiential learning. This class is for people looking to learn more about Judaism and considering converting, and for Jews looking to learn more about their religious tradition. The course will be team-taught by TBA’s clergy. If you are considering converting, in addition to registering, please be in touch with Rabbi Vaisberg. Wednesdays, 7:45 PM
  • Watch the films on your own—all available on Netflix— before the discussion date, and then every two weeks, we will gather via Zoom to discuss the film. “Rabbi Tarfon used to say: It is not your duty to finish the work, but neither are you free to neglect it.”— Pirkei Avot 2:16 Film can exert a powerful influence on how we see the world and the way we consider problems facing society. This fall, the Social Action Committee is continuing the popular series, Raising Social Consciousness Through Film. We will watch five films on our own and then discuss the problems they highlight and how they have affected our world view. The list of films, descriptions, and subsequent Zoom discussion dates can be found below. We hope you join us for these spirited and important conversations!
  • The B’nai Abraham Book Group will have engaging, meaningful, and edifying conversations about different books each month. Wednesdays, 7:30 PM with Rabbi Vaisberg, via Zoom.
  • Cooking? Carrying? Working? Where do all of these rules come from, and why? Join us as we explore how our Sages in the Mishnah (~200 C.E.) took a unique custom like the biblical Shabbat and built it into the spiritual, all-encompassing experience that is our current practice. We will take a close look at Mishnah Shabbat as we ponder what the Rabbis had in mind for this foundational experience, exploring how we ourselves might continue to make meaning from our inherited tradition. No experience with text necessary and all material will be offered in translation! Thursdays 12:00-1:15 PM Jan 21, Feb 4, Feb 18, March 4, March 18, April 15, April 29, May 13
  • For thousands of years, sheydim (demons) have been central to the lives of Jews. Some are harmful, others can be helpful. Knowing how to avoid them, live with them or even expel them, was a matter of great interest to the rabbis. Based on the popular podcast, “Throwing Sheyd” — take a tour of Jewish demonology by exploring Jewish texts that mention sheydim and their influences. We will learn Jewish text and tradition where the likes of Lilith, Ashmodai, and Joe the Demon thwart rabbis, haunt ruins, and hover menacingly over your carelessly open books or uncovered kiddish cups. Hopefully along the way, we can learn teachings that help us fight the darkness today and bring more light to the world. Thursday, March 4, March 11, March 25 and April 8, 7:00 PM
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