March 22, 2023 •
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Two ways to save a life – and therefore the world

by Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg One of the highest mitzvahs in Judaism is saving a life. The Talmud tells us (Sanhedrin 37a), “Whoever saves a single life is considered by Torah to have saved the whole world.’ There are many ways to help save lives, many of which we...

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Meeting each student on their own path

by Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg With the fall approaching, we’re having a lot of conversations with parents about signing their children up for religious school in the Jewish Learning Program here at Temple B'nai Abraham. I recently heard of one such conversation between...

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Back home from camp

by Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg I love Jewish summer camp. For our young people, there is nothing comparable to spending weeks or months out in the country with their peers, enjoying all that nature has to offer while immersed in a Jewish environment at all moments of the...

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May We Never Feel Silenced

Rabbi Vaisberg had the honor of giving the invocation at the recent NAACP National Convention in Atlantic City. He gave the invocation at the general plenary where the keynote speakers were Derek Johnson, president of the NAACP, and Vice President Kamala Harris. Good...

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TBA will join the Jewish Rally for Abortion Justice

While there are various distinctions between the Jewish movements and approaches, we are aligned in understanding that abortion is, at times, a religious requirement. From the Torah and early rabbis, we have understood that when the mother’s life is at risk and...

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Refugee Shabbat Speaker, March 4

Displacement in Ukraine and Beyond: A Jewish Voice in Support of Refugees Sadly, tens of thousands of Ukrainian nationals and others are having to flee war this week. HIAS, which once focused on resettling Jews in the U.S. and now helps refugees around the world,...

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Supporting Ukraine

To help those suffering at this time, here is a list of Ukrainian and international humanitarian organizations making an impact on the ground.

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Standing Together, As Always, After Colleyville

We must all remain vigilant against acts of antisemitism, hatred, and violence, whether we are at synagogue or anywhere else. However, we cannot let these intimidations get in the way of our sacred efforts at home, in the temple, or out in the world.

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