July 23, 2021 •
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Caring Connections

The Caring Connections Committee has provided support to our congregants and their families in both joyous times and times of need since 1994. The committee’s goal is to reach out to and care for one another on both an as needed and ongoing basis.
Specifically, the activities of the dedicated team of Caring Connections volunteers include transportation for medical and household needs as well as to Shabbat services. They also reach out through home visits, phone calls and by delivering meals. Importantly, volunteers can and will provide assistance to anyone who feels a need and does not have family or friends around to lend a hand.
Congregants are asked to contact Rabbi Kulwin if they would like to receive services or know of someone who might benefit from the committee’s services. Confidentiality is stressed and maintained at all times. We also welcome all congregants who would like to volunteer their time to help others and create a compassionate and supportive temple community.

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