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B’nai Mitzvah

Becoming a B’nai Mitzvah at Temple B’nai Abraham

Through the process of becoming a B’nai Mitzvah at Temple B’nai Abraham, we nurture knowledgeable young Jewish adults who will become active members of the community, and who will have a love of Judaism which will guide them throughout their lives. You will receive great joy watching your child learn, grow and then read from Torah on that special Shabbat as you share with your loved ones, friends and the congregational family. Focusing on the values that are most important in our tradition, you and your child will explore together what commitments we can make to bring these principles to life. Judaism has a lot of special wisdom to offer, but it is up to each of us to make it real. On this page we offer some guidance and tools to assist you in making this a loving and meaningful experience for the entire family. It is designed to provide you with the pertinent information on the procedures, tasks, schedules and participation integral to the B’nai Mitzvah process and Shabbat morning services. Please do not hesitate to contact Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg, Cantor Jessica F. Epstein, Max Edwards, Rabbinical Assistant, or Melissa G. Weiner, Director of Jewish Learning  with any questions or comments.

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Schedule B’nai Mitzvah Meetings

We look forward to working with your child weekly to prepare for this special day. Please email Cantor Epstein or call 973.994.2290, ext 262, with any questions regarding on-line scheduling. Please book only for the tutor to whom you have been assigned.

COVID Guidelines
We are very excited that we have begun having bar/bat mitzvah services in the sanctuary at Temple B’nai Abraham. We are in constant consultation with medical experts and are keeping on top of all state regulations regarding COVID-19. Your health and safety and that of our clergy and staff are of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we need your help to make this work.
Each family that would like an in-house bar/bat mitzvah will need to comply with the following requirements. In addition, one family member will be designated to ensure compliance. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the cancellation of this policy. Finally, should health or safety regulations change, we may re-evaluate and return to a Zoom setting. For those who prefer, a zoom service is always an available option.
Requirements for TBA Bar/Bat Mitzvah Service in the Ross Sanctuary as of October 16, 2020
COVID-19 testing is necessary for the bar/bat mitzvah family and anyone else who will be coming up to the bimah, including clergy. A rapid test must be taken just prior to the rehearsal, which usually takes place on Thursday the week of the service, in order to get the most accurate test results. Following the test, the family must isolate as much as possible until the service and provide Temple B’nai Abraham with documentation of a negative test. If preferred, a PCR test on Monday or Tuesday prior to the child’s bar/bat mitzvah can be taken. The family must then isolate until Saturday’s service. If you wish for a list of suggested testing sites please contact Gail Milchman at gmilchman@tbanj.org.
• Arrange with Cantor Epstein an in-person rehearsal for either Thursday or Friday before the bar/bat mitzvah.
• A maximum of 25 people from the family may attend services. If two children will become b’nai mitzvah in the sanctuary, each family may have 25 family members attend.
• There will be screening questions and temperature check upon arrival to TBA.
• No one with a temperature in excess of 100.3 will be admitted to the temple.
• A health waiver will be provided and must be signed by all attendees.
• Hands must be cleaned with hand sanitizer upon entrance to TBA.

A face covering must be worn at all times. This applies to everyone in the sanctuary, including the bar/bat mitzvah child and their family.

• Appropriate distancing will be followed. Pews will be marked as to where seating is permitted. People who live in the same household may sit together.
Please bring your own kippah and tallit. If forgotten, kippahs and tallises will be provided.
• Siddurs from the sanctuary may be used.
• Following the service, unfortunately there cannot be hugging and kissing other than with same household family members.
• The service will be streamed on LiveControl and Facebook Live, and recorded. We do not use Zoom for in person services. No additional photographers or videographers are permitted during the service. A family may arrange to have photos taken after the service. Please email Marcia Swaybill at mswaybill@tbanj.org to make arrangements.
• If a family wishes to serve food to their guests after the service (maximum 25 people total), arrangements may be made by emailing Marcia Swaybill at mswaybill@tbanj.org
We are all excited about being together but want to take precautions so that we can safely come back into our spiritual home. We are thrilled to have a way to come together safely for your family’s simcha. Thank you for your continued support and commitment, and we look forward to celebrating with you!


If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out by phone 973-994-2290 or use email contact forms:↓

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Audio

Clergy contact form (Rabbi Vaisberg, Cantor Epstein, Max Edwards, Rabbinical Assistant or Debbie Meron)

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Administration office contact form (Gail Milchman or Marcia Swaybill )

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JLP contact form (Melissa Weiner, Rena Casser, or Brenda Small)

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Temple B’nai Abraham, Socially Distant…Spiritually Close! Stay safe & well!

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