October 5, 2022 •
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While there are various distinctions between the Jewish movements and approaches, we are aligned in understanding that abortion is, at times, a religious requirement. From the Torah and early rabbis, we have understood that when the mother’s life is at risk and anything related to her pregnancy could kill her, the mother’s life takes precedence and abortion is necessary, at any point in the pregnancy.

As Jews, it is incumbent on us to speak up for the right to life for all women and their personal and religious rights, wherever they reside and regardless of their economic status.

One way we can do this is by praying with our feet. Join us in Washington, DC, on May 17th, with the National Council for Jewish Women (NCJW) at the Jewish Rally for Abortion Justice.

We are in the process of booking a bus for us to go to the rally together and will have more travel details soon. In the meantime, RSVP to tbainfo@tbanj.org for a spot on our bus and register with NCJW at https://jewishrallyforabortionjustice.org/home#form.

Please also be in touch with me if you would like to be part of TBA’s efforts for Jewish reproductive rights.

May we one day live in a nation where all human beings are truly safe and free.

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