October 5, 2022 •
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Displacement in Ukraine and Beyond: A Jewish Voice in Support of Refugees

KiznerSadly, tens of thousands of Ukrainian nationals and others are having to flee war this week. HIAS, which once focused on resettling Jews in the U.S. and now helps refugees around the world, already has a staff delegation on the ground in Poland and Moldova doing a needs assessment.
This Shabbat Rebecca Kirzner, senior director of grassroots campaigns at HIAS, will update us on the situation. Ms. Kirzner leads the organization’s grassroots advocacy and activism for refugees. She will contextualize what HIAS and the Ukrainians face vis a vis the experience of HIAS having to ramp up their internal systems again for Afgan refugees decades after dealing with the last wave of resettlement of former Soviet refugees. You will come away with an understanding of how these seemingly separate situations are actually deeply interconnected.
In a situation where it is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless, Ms. Kirzner will present us will some tangible ways we can take action to help the Ukrainian people and the wider scope of other displaced people as well.

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