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Well, of course you do. But I mean, do you read?  Are you like me, can’t imagine life without books?

Eighteen years ago I started the TBA Book Group for people like us, who read to learn, be provoked, explore worlds beyond us and inside us and, of course, have fun.  And with a Jewish twist, on the first Thursday of the month, that’s what just what we do.

So now, some 200 books later, we start a new season.  And our first two books really excite me.   It’s a mini-series we call “Intrigue!”  As the web site notes, “murder mysteries and spy thrillers are popular in both America and Israel. These two selections are page turners, fascinating portals into a side of Israeli society we rarely consider and fictional case studies teaching us about real life.”

Here’s what we’re up to in September and October:

A Possibility of Violence by D.A. Mishani

A Possibility of Violence by D.A. Mishani

A Possibility of Violence by D.A. Mishani

Thursday, September 7, 7:30 PM
Think Harry Bosch…if Bosch had been born in Rishon LeZion. Someone planted a fake bomb next to a preschool and Detective Avraham Avraham investigates. He realizes this is something other than terrorism, but just what proves elusive…and dangerous.  As we follow Avraham, we learn a bit about being a policeman in Israel.  It’s not always pretty.

Forbidden Love in St. Petersburg by Mishka Ben-David

Forbidden Love in St. Petersburg by Mishka Ben-David

Forbidden Love in St. Petersburg by Mishka Ben-David

Thursday, November 2, 7:30 PM
Think Gabriel Alon…if Daniel Silva wrote in Hebrew.  Ben-David holds an M.A. in literature from the University of Wisconsin, a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University, and for twelve years was a Mossad agent.  His fictional double, Yogev Ben-Ari, moves to Moscow to set up a sleeper cell, but instead ends up sleeping with a beautiful and (of course) mysterious bookstore owner. Ben-Ari tries to figure out who the good guys are and, along the way, demonstrates the impact on Israeli families when someone’s a spy.


Both books are available online or at the library, and my assistant, Debbie Meron (dmeron@tbanj.org), has a few copies on her desk she’d love to lend you.. September 7 is only nine days away, but A Possibility of Violence is short.  And there’s plenty of of time to sink your teeth into Forbidden Love in St. Petersburg.

This year we begin our third hundred books.   Discussing a good book with others who’ve read it is one of life’s unsung joys.  Join us!

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