May 29, 2020 •
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IHN logoDear Friends,

One week each year, we open our spiritual home to those in need through the Interfaith Hospitality Network. Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, men and women.

By warmly welcoming others here, we engage in one of the greatest Mitzvot.  Most are people not so different from us.  They’re just going through a rough patch.  We give shelter and food, and we nurture their souls with companionship for them and their children.

Our annual week begins this Sunday, June 18, which of course – and appropriately – is Father’s Day.  Many of the volunteer slots are filled but we still have some key needs:

Provide food – either from the grocery or in the form of Shoprite gift cards.

Cook and bring in all or part of dinner.

Bring your sleeping bag and take an overnight shift, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Spend an hour and a half or so providing companionship one early evening…children welcome!

And, this lovely mitzvah takes on special meaning when we involve our children:  our guest families would love to spend time with them as well. We all want our children to know everyone is not as fortunate as we are…involving them in this effort is a meaningful and genuine way to teach them about the real world.

Please!  Join us in this wonderful effort.  Be in touch with Lisa Reisboard or Terri Friedman. They would love to help assist in you determining the best way you can help.

With thanks,
Rabbis Kulwin and Dantowitz

Temple B'nai Abraham...Socially Distant but Spiritually Close! Stay safe & well!

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