June 1, 2023 •
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Something extraordinary happened to our Director of Jewish Learning Melissa Weiner and Jewish Learning Program Special Projects Coordinator Arleen Lichtenstein. They were shopping for the Annual Midday Run, , the distribution of donated clothing and food to those in need in Newark’s community at St. Anne’s Church, which takes place on the Sunday of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and this amazing person crossed their path. Here is Arleen and Melissa ’s account of what transpired yesterday at Costco:

Did you know that Judaism believes that at any one time 36 righteous people roam the earth?  But no one, including the righteous even know that it is them?  But, we are convinced that Monday morning 11/21 at Costco, when we did our yearly midday run shopping ( a program in which TBA teens give much needed material items to the homeless and less fortunate of Newark on the Sunday after Thanksgiving), Lux Chakrapani  was one.  As we put things back on the shelf because they were over our allotted budge, Mr. Chakrapani asked if he could pay for the nearly a couple of hundreds of dollars worth of diapers.  No  questions asked, Lux Chakrapani just wanted to help.  What a Mensch.  Have you ever seen two grown women brought to tears in Costco?  And not for reasons of parking or crowds. What a great morning!

Arleen and Lux appeared on CBS New York News!

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