January 18, 2020 •
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topsy_turvy_busMy daughter Molly’s summer is a bit different this year:  she’s working on the Topsy Turvy Bus.  You’re probably saying “huh?” which is what I said, but it’s actually pretty cool.

The bus is a bio-fueled environmental schoolhouse on wheels, visiting Jewish summer camps throughout the east, teaching thousands of campers about a world of finite resources.  The tour aims to show Jewish youth that forward thinking individuals of every age can affect the entire planet.”

Molly and her colleagues lead fun, educational activities with the campers, and the blogs I’ve read and the videos I’ve watched make it clear that this is a) environmental education with impact and b) conveys the Jewish values that motivate this effort.

I invite you to follow the Topsy Turvy Bus’ adventures online throughout the summer. I know I will!

Rabbi Clifford Kulwin

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