March 22, 2023 •
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The Sukkah

It sits in a dusty corner of the garage, usually covered by tomato cages and sometimes stray fertilizer granules. It’s bundled up, a nondescript piece of canvas and a bunch of pipes, a few slightly bent. Nearby there’s a cardboard box of tangled lights in...

Hagar: Alive, Dead, Reborn

Did she come all this way only to sit in the desert and die without pity? A few days ago she was full of life, treasured and adored by Abraham. Pride of place was hers. She was the mother of his oldest son, Ishmael. Elevated above a being a mere handmaiden to her...


Lag B’Omer [33rd day of the Omer] Counting. Judaism teaches us to count our blessings. The Talmud says that we should actually recite 100 blessings a day. From thanking God when we open our eyes to giving thanks for the food we eat, there are opportunities to express...

I’m Not Ready

I’m not ready. The truth is, I’m never ready. Whether the New Year comes early, late, or right on time, the simple fact is there is never enough time. There is never enough time to turn myself inside out. There is never enough time to move out of the...

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