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World Zionist Organization (WZO) Elections to the World Zionist Congress
Here’s why this is important for Israel and for you…

Every four years, the World Zionist Organization (WZO) holds elections to the World Zionist Congress.  Before 1948, the Congress was the de facto Israeli government.  The WZO remains an assembly of representatives from around the world and, importantly, has authority over the Jewish Agency and the Joint Distribution Committee which, annually, fund hundreds of millions of dollars of programs in Israel and the Diaspora.

How do the Jewish Agency and the Joint decide what to spend money on?  The WZO sets priorities.How does the WZO set priorities?  By discussions and votes in the World Zionist Congress.  Who decides who goes to the Congress?  You do. Of the 500 elected representative to each Congress, 115 come from the United States.

Jews all over the world vote for the slate of their choice in their national election.  You simply need to affirm online that you are a Jewish resident of the United States, and pay a ten dollar free.  Then you decide for whom to vote.

That’s the key part.  As with any election, it’s important to make an informed choice.  At https://myvoteourisrael.com/  you’ll find a list of the eleven slates running.  Spend some time and read the platforms.  Look at the list of candidates and see if there are any you recognize.  Google the slates to learn more about them.  Consider whose rhetoric best describes your concern for Israel today.  Then…vote!  When the Congress holds its quadrennial meeting in October, your impact will be felt.

If you have any questions about the WZO, the Congress, or the election, let me know.   I’ll be happy to help figure out which slate best speaks to your vision of Israel today…and tomorrow.


Rabbi Kulwin

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