January 30, 2023 •
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A few hours ago, Israel began a ground incursion into Gaza.  This takes the conflict to a new level, reflecting the government’s belief that air strikes alone will not bring stability to the area and end the ongoing firing of missiles on Israel.  It is of course too soon to know what impact this will have.  Perhaps the added intensity will bring the hostilities to a close sooner than otherwise; on the other hand, the possibility of increased casualties, on both sides, is undeniable.

To follow events as they unfold, I urge that you pay particular attention to Israeli journalism web sites.  I find that American coverage in general is superficial, as it is regarding most international coverage.  Here are some to look at.





Also, strange as it may seem, Al Jazeera provides fascinating reading as well, along with perspectives one might not expect to find


Finally, there are many other organizational and international journalistic sites worth following, especially including:





What can we do?  At the moment, there are three things.  First, support Israel.  Go to www.jfedgmw.org, see what special efforts our federation has underway…and do your part  Second, inform yourself.  Don’t depend on 90 second network news television reports or Yahoo news quickies.  Go to the sources that have the most substance, read, learn, and understand this so-complex situation.

Finally?  Pray.  Pray as we do each Saturday morning that those in positions of authority are blessed with insight and wisdom as they lead, and that bloodshed and terror will soon come to an end. Pray that the international community articulates a positive, useful and meaningful role for itself…and becomes involved.  Pray that the peace for which we have prayed for so long may become…if not a reality, than something that at least seems slightly less elusive.  Even that would be so much.

Bivracha u’b’shalom, In blessing and in peace,

Rabbi Kulwin

P.S.  Several have asked about the potential TBA trip to volunteer in one of “our” communities.  Candidly, it is unlikely to take place in the immediate days ahead.  Those on the ground have their hands full.  There are certainly things that additional bodies could do, but that requires time and attention from some already on the ground…and those are in shortly supply.  We want to go only if we can help with work – as we have done in the past – not make work.  I remain in close touch with the MetroWest office in Israel and will keep you posted.


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