August 5, 2020 •
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Dear Friends:

We begin Pesach somberly this year, with news of yesterday’s villainous attack in Kansas City.  Let us include those injured, and the families of those who cruelly perished, in our Seder table prayers tonight.  Though it appears this was the act of a lone, deranged, anti-Semite, Temple B’nai Abraham, which always exercises caution when it comes to security, is exercising it more these days.  At the Kulwin table this evening we will pause for a silent moment before the rituals begin…perhaps you would wish to as well.

Also, please recall that our service for the first day of Pesach begins at 10:00 AM tomorrow morning, and the service for the last day of Pesach, including Yizkor, begins at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, April 22.  These are always warm, informal services and I hope you will join us.

A shift of mood, and some Pesach fun.  To protect the guilty I won’t say who, but a wonderful congregant sent me the attached email advertisement, from Stockbridge, Massachusetts’ famous Red Lion Inn.  The original subject line was “Join Us for Passover!”  See if you can figure out which phrase got me howling with laughter.  And also attached, some irreverent Pesach music to liven up your seder.  It will certainly be heard at ours.

This is the season of our liberation.  If we are weighed down, we pray that our burdens be lifted; if we are in a position to help lift the burdens of others, may we be granted the resolved to do so.

Hag sameach,
Rabbi Kulwin

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