August 5, 2020 •
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Yes, we need you.  We also need your kids, your parents, your grandchildren, your brothers and sisters, your aunts and uncles, your cousins, your friends, your neighbors and your dog.

Okay, not true.  We don’t need your dog.  But we do need everyone else.  On Mitzvah morning we have a lot to do.  And we’ll even serve you breakfast first.

pedalforporgressWe are going to collect bicycles for the third world so bring in that heap that’s been sitting in your garage forever, along with $10 to cover shipping.  We are going to make care packages for our troops overseas so bring candy, nuts and dried fruit.  We are going to collect blood so bring your…you get the idea.

Look below and check out all we have planned.  The goods you can bring are eagerly awaited but, most of all, what we especially need is your time and good will.  Joining us for a couple of hours to do lots to help  others who need it.

Set your alarm to be here by 10:00 AM.  9:30 AM if you want breakfast.  And if you are worried about getting up on time, just let me know.  I’m happy to make a wake-up call.

Whether your family is one, two or a dozen, bring your family and join this effort.  It’s a great opportunity to join your community in a lovely act of giving…and we’ll have fun doing it.

See you Sunday,
Rabbi Kulwin

Temple B'nai Abraham...Socially Distant but Spiritually Close! Stay safe & well!

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