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hamentaschenThe aroma in my home is wonderful from the dozens of hamentashen baked today. My boys love tasting them to make sure they are okay, helping out by eating any overcooked ones. They share their suggestions for recipients of shalach manot as we prepare to fulfill the mitzvah of sending gifts to friends. This is the fun part of Purim, sharing our joy and delicious chocolate chip hamentashen.

The message of Purim certainly includes fun as we read the Scroll of Esther, this topsy-turvy story of King Ahaseurus, who needed his advisors’ input to make any decision, courageous Vashti who refused to appear at the king’s drunken brawl, devoted Mordecai, timid and then courageous Esther and of course, boo evil Haman.

Purim is a great time to take note of brave women and stand up for women’s rights. This past Saturday (March 8) was International Women’s Day. This Tuesday, March 11, is an opportunity to raise your voices and stand up against violence against women at One Billion Rising (12 pm at WO Armory). Learn more about threats to reproductive rights. View the film Roe at Risk. Reproductive rights at risk in NJ too. Learn more and take action.

hamatasehcenjewishstarIn too many ways, we are living in “topsy-turvy” times where women’s rights are under attack. We can’t afford to remain silent. Our lives are at stake.

The message of Purim is loud and clear. We are commanded to rejoice and celebrate on this joyous holiday. We also learn the power of standing up to speak out against injustice as Vashti and Esther did. Let’s raise our voices and take action.

And then we can eat some hamentashen and be happy!

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