February 20, 2018 •
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Temple Funds

Yahrzeit Fund

It is a traditional duty of Jews to recite Kaddish for a deceased parent, child, spouse, or sibling (daily during the first year, annually thereafter on the anniversary of death).  We thank those who have contributed to the Yahrzeit Fund in memory of their loved ones.  May their memories forever be for a blessing…

As of February 14, 2018

Yahrzeit of Contributor
Ruth Gerstenzang Mark Gersten
Marilyn Taub Sivia Snow
Bernard Israel Rochelle Cohen
Harry Friedman Jay & Meredith Friedman
Nancy Zielinski John & Linda Schupper
Craig N. Gass Stephanie & David Blee
Bertha Pearlberg Joel Pearlberg
Ned Brody Arthur & Robin Brody
Nathan Shapiro Stanley & Elaine Shapiro
Ida Shapiro Stanley & Elaine Shapiro
Harry Schwartz Stanley & Elaine Shapiro
Blanche Schwartz Stanely & Elaine Shapiro
Benjamin Kogan Susan & Richard Kogan
Ida Kogan Susan & Rochard Kogan
Jeffrey Kogan Susan & Richard Kogan
Herman Scher Susan & Richard Kogan
Cele Scher Susan & Richard Kogan
Alan Scher Susan & Richard Kogan
Leon Schneider Sherrie & Roger Schneider
Bessie Saperstein Sharon & Larry Feinsod
Morris J. Levine Jackie & Howard Levine
Saul Gass Stephanie & David Blee
Betty Gillman Shaldine & Richard Gillman
Julius Gillman Shaldine & Richard Gillman
Donald Pearlman Dr. Ted Pearlman
Esther Kollinger-Goldberg Gerald Goldberg
Leo Schneider Gerald & Joyce Schneider
Sheldon Levy Scott Levy
Nellie Gern Amos & Evelyn Gern
Berthold Gern Amos & Evelyn Gern
Debra Pearlman Dr. & Mrs. Ted Pearlman
Ilene Roberts Debbie Janoff
Matthew Silverman Charlotte & Fred Mitterhoff
David Cohen Alan Cohen & family
David Orzech Susan & Andrew Leichter
Selma Allen Grace Kaplan
Sophie T. Wachsteter John & Lynda Wachsteter
Paul Altman Brian & Jackie Altman
Estelle Le Benger The Lebenger Family
Maxwell Plotkin Richard L. Plotkin
Herman Greenberg Eileen Greenberg & Family
Samuel S. Lerner Eileen Greenberg & Family
Jacques Yakov Pessah Micheline Pessah-Abelson
Ethel Goren Koppel Marjorie Yonteff
Alexander Jentis Bobbi Bromberg
William Himmelfarb Joann, Steve, Alex & Rachel Lee
David Cohen Myra Cohen
Phyllis Kaliner Robert Kaliner

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