August 16, 2018 •
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Temple Funds

Yahrzeit Fund

It is a traditional duty of Jews to recite Kaddish for a deceased parent, child, spouse, or sibling (daily during the first year, annually thereafter on the anniversary of death).  We thank those who have contributed to the Yahrzeit Fund in memory of their loved ones.  May their memories forever be for a blessing…

As of July 18, 2018

Yahrzeit of Contributor
Ethel Stein Marjorie Yonteff
Rose Steinberg Dr. Michael Steinberg
Frieda Schloss Joan Stark
Paul Gendel Steven Gendel
Selma Leopold Margie Wasserman
Richard Wasserman Margie Wasserman
Cecile Lincer Ellen & Richard Lincer
George Walters Leigh Walters
Eleanor Cooperberg Dan Cooperberg
Rose Morgen Dan Cooperberg
David A. Lieberman Ilena & Paul Lieberman
Isadore Abramowitz Ilena & Paul Lieberman
Jack Kessler Ginny Roth
David A. Cohen Rochelle Cohen
Jack Kurzweil Bette & Stan Kurzweil
Donna Franco-Jové, MD Jackie Altman
Harold Stark Joan Stark
Renia Morgen Sylvia Lebowitz
John L. Pasmantier Jeanne Pasmantier
Gertrude Buchbinder Elizabeth Buchbinder
Pearl Lipman Sharon Kamiel
Arthur Brody Myron Soled, M.D.
Harry Koldin Jackie & Howard Levine
Norma Roseman Plotkin Mari & David Plotkin
Seymour Gline Mari & David Plotkin


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