October 22, 2017 •
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Temple Funds

Clergy Discretionary Fund

As October 16, 2017

In honor of their granddaughter, Isabella Paige Milsky’s naming

Amy & Barry Rothman

In honor of Mr & Mrs. Eric Goldstein’s daughter, Remi becoming a Bat Mitzvah

In honor of Dr. & Mrs. Steven Fiske’s granddaughter, Remi becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Barbara Z. Silber

In memory of her mother, Miriam Hebenstreit, with appreciation for your help

Annette Feldman

In memory of Dr. Philip Miller, husband of Mrs. Honey Miller

Debbi & Derek Fine

In honor of her granddaughter, Dara’s Aliyah

In honor of Erica & Jeff Spector’s daughter, Avery’s Bat Mitzvah

In honor of Susan & Keith Abramson’s daughter, Alexis’ Bat Mitzvah

In honor of Jayme & Dave Tave’s daughter, Lexi’s Bat Mitzvah

In honor of Michelle & Jesse Levitt’s son, Jack’s Bat Mitzvah

Betty Ende

In honor of Rabbi Kulwin, with thanks

Marcia Pundyk

In honor of Yom Kippur

Madi & Michael Waldner

In honor of Cantor Epstein in thanks for Royce & Jon’s nuptial celebration

Barbara & Michael Rosenbaum

In honor of Lucy Borg’s birthday Aliyah

Lucy & Joe Borg

In honor of Will Mellman receiving his PhD from Columbia University

Eileen & Marc Mellman

In honor of Robert & Laurie Stecklow for a sweet year

Lynn & William Stecklow

In honor of sitting on the bimah for Rosh HaShanah

Helen Farber

In honor of Sara-Ann & Bob Sanders’ grandson Andrew becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Arlene & Dan Kollin

In honor of their granddaughter Olivia becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Shari & Stephen Leviss

In honor of their High Holy Day Aliyah

Audrey & Robert Kaye

In honor of Ethan chanting Haftorah on Yom Kippur

The Barishaw Family

In memory of his father, Saran Wallach

Scott Wallach

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