April 19, 2018 •
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Temple Funds

Clergy Discretionary Fund

As March 16, 2018

In memory of their mother, Lois Greene
Bruce & Susan Greene
Glenn & Ann Greene
In honor of Cantor Epstein & Rabbi Dantowitz for leading Shiva
Karen & Kash Bryce & Family
In memory of Sharon Chazkin’s mother
Diane & Jerry Jacob
In memory of his father, Leonard Pivnick, with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin
Jonathan Pivnick
In memory of his mother, Eleanor Mellman, with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin
Marc Mellman
In memory of her mother, Marian Rettig Bernstein, with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin
Alyse Wolfson
In memory of Ann Cummis’ daughter, Deborah
Mrs. Patti Goldman
In memory of Enid Rothman’s mother, Ida Rose
Harriet & Marvin Kirschner
Roz Fink & Mary Soriano


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