Karen Frank, RN
Karen Frank, RN
Congregational Nurse

integrates physical and spiritual health in her work at temple. Karen meets with our members and their families to assist in making lifestyle choices, grapple with spiritual issues, consult on health concerns and helps connect families to community resources. Karen holds degrees in psychology and nursing, is a certified Jewish Spiritual Director. She is a partner at the Kalsman Institute for Judaism and Health, a national project of Hebrew Union College, and has served as a Synagogue 3000 faculty member, and is member of SeRaF, a fellowship of Jewish Healing Professionals. Karen has 25 years of experience as a visiting nurse and is committed to helping seniors safely maintain their independence while enhancing physical, spiritual, and mental health.

email: nursekarenfrank@gmail.com

A  Message from Karen Frank 

"Karen, can you help me? My wife just got out of the hospital and I just don’t know how to manage."

"I was just diagnosed as pre-diabetic. What am I supposed to do now?"

"I really want to breast-feed but my baby seems to have trouble latching on."

"My mother just doesn’t seem to be managing her life in her home. I am afraid she is not eating properly and she seems so vague on the phone. I am worried."

Real phone calls, real situations. And happily, TBA has a congregational nurse to address these concerns. I help families who are involved with any health challenges-the newly diagnosed, the caregivers, the frail and homebound.

Changes brought on by aging, disease, and other life events often raise spiritual challenges and distress. People may experience a sense of vulnerability and anxiety new to them. So piled on to the physical problems is a feeling of standing in unfamiliar terrain and a fear of the unknown.

As a congregational nurse my work focuses on addressing your physical, emotional, AND spiritual concerns. Working with the Caring Connection committee and the clergy, I can also help summon congregational support. And as a nurse in the wider community, I am familiar with resources available outside of our walls, in the Metrowest community.

Call me...

-if you are struggling with illness

-if you a have lifestyle changes brought on by aging or disability

-if you are trying to provide care to a loved one

-if you are considering end-of-life options and decisions

-if you need to connect with community resources

-if you wonder "where is God in this?"

Calls can come into my voice mail at the Temple at extension 252, my cell at 485-9062 or my email nursekarenfrank@gmail.com.

I became your congregational nurse in 1999. In the last 13 years, I have worked with 410 TBA individuals. I have made home visits, hospital visits, consulted with families, brought equipment, made community resource referrals, consulted with doctors, advised and listened.

Please call me if I can help you or anyone you love.

Karen Frank, RN, 862.485.9062