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Life Cycle Events

As of February 22, 2017


Michelle Koblentz, son, Ryan, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Sari & Jan Dulman, daughter, Madison, becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Caren & Lee Gaitman, granddaughter, Madison Dulman, becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Lyssee & Skip Trachtman, son, Samuel, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Randi & David Zalayet, son, Jameson, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Efi Avigdor & Ryan Brauns, son, Ilan, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Jennifer & David Goldberg, son, Noah, becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Geri & Ron Giller, daughter, Reese, becoming a Bat Mitzvah


Brenda & Steve Golombek, birth of grandson, Jordan Chase Namm

Ilene & Arthur Rosenberg, birth of granddaughter, Ava Rose Lavi

Jeff & Brandi Namer, birth of granddaughter, Brielle Brooklyn Ballance

Rick Taylor father, Irwin Taylor
Emanuel Yedwab father, Debbie Pearlson
Sylvia Schweitzer mother, Ilene Rosenberg
Jacques Schweitzer father, Ilene Rosenberg
David Roth wife, Mindy Roth
Bruce Freeman mother, Gertrude Freeman

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