Vav (6th grade) and The Mechinah Year (7th grade)

Monday/Wednesday or TuesdayThursday, 4:00-5:30 PM or 4:00 PM -6:00 PM

Vav (Sixth Grade)

Sixth grade begins the Bar and Bat Mitzvah course of study. In preparation, students learn to read and chant the Haftarah blessings. During this year, major emphasis is placed on the Jewish life cycles and ritual observance. Students participate in in depth examination of the mitzvot as students work at both “knowing and doing”. Each child will explore their Bar/Bat Mitzvah portion and gain an understanding of it’s place and role within the context of the Torah.Students explore their feelings and concepts about G-d and spirituality. Sixth gradealso will have the opportunity to learn with our Israeli Rishon. The Rishon, a young person from Israel, defers army service for oneyear, to serve as a living bridge to the State of Israel.

Tuesday Evenings, 5:45-7:15 PM

The Mechinah Program (Seventh Grade)

As students approach the teenage years, our focus switches to both  academic knowledge and  community building. Incorporating dinner,  learning and informal experiences, the Mechinah class strikes  a balance between formal learning and choice based  learning. Students participate in six core  classes through out the year: Tefillah (Prayer fluency), Hebrew Ulpan Immersion,Holocaust and Human Behavior, Why Israel  Matters, Ethics  and Philosophy, and Mitzvot for the B’nai Mitzvah year.  Each student spends an intensive 5 weeks in each  core  class before moving on to the next  core. In addition, students are given the choice to enroll in electives that reflect their individual interests.  Electives change with each core class,  but may  include:A Jewish Lens,  A View  of the World, Hunger Games and the Holocaust, Hiddur Mitzvah: The Study  and Creation of Ritual  Objects, Eco-Judaism, Torah Yoga: Midrash and Movement, The Dramatic Megillot, Do Prophets Speak  Today? and more!  In addition, students are required to participate actively in Mitzvot Corps, by performing at least  thirteen volunteer hours  divided among the synagogue and community.

A Message from Melissa Weiner, Director of Jewish Learning

June 2016
Dear Seventh Grade Families,

Mechinah is the Hebrew word for preparation. The seventh grade year is really about a preparation and a new beginning. Students are preparing to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah. But, really students are preparing to become Jewish adults, and with that comes the responsibility of thinking and feeling like a Jewish adult. The Mechinah Year is designed to help our young teens understand that Bar and Bat Mitzvah is not a culmination, but rather a launching pad for their Jewish life. Enrollment and completion in the seventh grade year is a required to have your B’nai Mitzvah at Temple B’nai

Our courses are designed not only to instruct, but also to encourage wrestling with great Jewish ideas. Students are given the opportunity to participate in both core content classes and monthly “camp days” where they choose elective opportunities based on interest. In this packet you will see a sampling of courses that are offered. Camp Day electives are chosen by students during dinner. Additionally, this is the year when we ask the students to explore their role in the larger Jewish community. What are their obligations to their synagogue, local community and country? Through a choice based mitzvah track, students are encouraged to find their passion and pursue helping to make the world a more whole place. This is done by choosing either Mitzvah Service Hours or a Mitzvah Service Project coupled with a few obligations to our synagogue. Detailed information about the Mechinah year can be found here in this booklet. Our goal is to launch your children into the next part of their Jewish journey. Through their dedication to this year, we know they will find a wonderful beginning to this next phase of Jewish living and learning.

B’Shalom, Morah Melissa Weiner,
Director of Jewish Learning

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