The Mechinah Year (7th grade)

The Mechinah Transitions (Seventh Grade: Zayin)
Mondays, 4-5:30 PM or Tuesdays, 5:45-7:15 PM

As students approach the teenage years, our focus switches to both academic knowledge and community building. Incorporating dinner or snack, learning and informal experiences, the Mechinah class strikes a balance between formal learning and choice based learning. Students participate two main core classes through out the year: Facing History in Ourselves: Holocaust and Human Behavior which explores issues of identity, genocide, propaganda, convenient hatreds and more through the lens of 1931-1945. Later in the year, with the help of our Israeli Rishon, students are exposed to Israel through both a historical and critical lens. Additionally, we share with them the beauty that is the modern state of Israel. Every few weeks, students participate in these core classes.

This is coupled with a “Camp” day. Students are invited to wear their Camp t-shirt and participate in a day or night dedicated to “camp” and Jewish heritage. Typical schedules will include: Ahrochat Erev (dinner or snack), Limmud (Learning), Tefillot (Prayer) and Special Chugim (Electives) and of course s’mores!. Individual B’nai Mitzvah Hebrew tutoring and support is available to all students.

Mechinah Class Individual Student Volunteer Requirements:
Fifteen (15) total volunteer hours are required for each Mechinah Class student as follows:
5 synagogue volunteer hours
5 community volunteer hours
3 additional hours of student’s choice either synagogue or community
2 hours working at the Purim Carnival
Students may complete an approved mitzvah project with direct consult with the JLP staff

Volunteer Voucher form is available below.  The forms are completed by the Mechinah Class student and signed by the volunteer site’s adult supervisor. Students return completed forms to their homeroom teacher.

A Mitzvah Opportunities List will be regularly updated with suggested volunteer opportunities.


18-19 Mechinah Pizza

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