Snack Shack

Mishnah, Pirke Avot 3:17: Without bread, there is no Torah; without Torah there is no bread.


In an effort to ensure the children are ready to learn, we feel it is important to provide a snack at the end of a long day before beginning to participate in the Jewish Learning Program. To that end, we would like to offer you the option of the JLP (Jewish Learning Program) SNACK SHACK. Every day (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday), during arrival children may purchase a snack and a drink prior to class. No cash will be accepted, so it is important to pre-order for the year.The Snack Shack will be stocked with healthy individually packaged, peanut free snacks gleaned from the website. We will also provide a gluten free and dairy free options, as well as fresh fruit. Please complete the form and provide payment. Checks may be made payable to TBA. No refunds will be given for missed sessions or snow days. We regret that we are unable to bill for Snack Shack.

18-19 Snack Shack

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