Club TBA...TBA Youth Group

(2 times a month) Wednesdays and Thursdays, after classes 

CLUB TBA will meet one time per month on either a Wednesday or a Thursdayevening a month, directly following Hebrew School, with an occasional Monday event out of the building. The group is led by our Coordinator of Special Projects, Arleen Lichtenstein. The programs are an enjoyable social way for Jewish kids to have fun while socializing, eating pizza and participating in games and activities with their Hebrew School friends. Children of non-members are welcome to attend this social group. Children are grouped in third and fourth grade groupings and fifth and sixth grade groupings.The cost for the year is only $50 which includes 1 monthly program with dinner. Jewish continuity is priceless!

Arleen Lichtenstein,
Special Projects Coordinator

Tentative Club TBA 2016-2017 Calendar

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