Carpool Information Monday

A Guide to Surviving Carpool

at Temple B’nai Abraham Jewish Learning Program

 Monday- Carpool Map

17-18 CARPOOL MAPS_Page_1

Dropping off & Picking Up for Shoresh (Judaic) Classes, 4-5:30 or 6:00 pm
Follow the RED LINE
Dropping off & Picking up for Mercaz Ivrit (Hebrew) Classes, various times
Follow the Yellow line
All Vehicles please exit to East Cedar St.

1. Please observe all posted signage in parking lot, and DO NOT EXIT YOUR CAR
2. Please follow the directions of the carpool staff and teachers
3. Please turn off your engine when waiting in carpool line to ensure the safety of the children
4. Please do not move your car until instructed by our staff
5. Please observe our 10 mile an hour speed limit during carpool hours.

Carpool maps: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

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