June 25, 2017 •
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Congregational Learning: The Shoah...

Living from the Ashes
This year, many learning activities especially examine the Holocaust, our contribution to the ongoing Jewish struggle to comprehend just what happened.

TBA Book Group with Rabbi Kulwin  March-June 2017

The Holocaust, Then and Now: The Shoah inspires innumerable literary efforts, perhaps because it was and is so unimaginable.This year, we read two classics of Holocaust literature and two books published during the past year. Each is solid, praiseworthy work; comparing them will shed light on if ─and how─the world’s understanding of this cataclysm has changed over the last 70 years.

Thursday, June 8 The Last Flight of Poxl West by Daniel Torday
Torday’s first novel asks us to consider just who deserves to be called a hero. Nephew Eli Goldstein worships his pilot war-hero uncle, a Czech Jew who flew missions for the RAF and has now just published a memoir. As Eli learns more about Poxl, however, he realizes that the stories he has heard may not be quite accurate, and he begins to wonder just what Poxl is. Eli understands Poxl is simply a liar, but he also comes to learn that reality is anything but simple.

2016-2017 TBA Book Group selections

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