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Temple B'nai Abraham Goes to Israel

Family Mission: from December 22, 2018 to January 1, 2019

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2018 Family Mission to Israel

Temple B’nai Abraham Goes to Israel…December 22, 2018- January 1, 2019

As chairs of the next Temple family mission to Israel— from December 22, 2018  to January 1, 2019 — we are excited to write to you. A year from now…join us!

Temple B’nai Abraham does Israel from top to bottom: two nights in Tel Aviv, two nights at Kibbutz Lavi in the north and four nights in Jerusalem. We travel from the Galilee to the Negev, the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea. Hundreds of Temple members have traveled to Israel with Rabbi Kulwin and Robin  – they’re actually pretty fun! – and all have had wonderful, moving and memorable experiences.

Some key points:

  • The mission is geared toward families with children from second grade through high school, but kids in college and even older will be absolutely comfortable, as well those traveling without children. We interpret “family” broadly.
  • Grandparents are welcome!
  • Our travel agent is ITC, Israel Tour Connection, of Livingston. Every year ITC sends dozens of groups to Israel and its staff in New Jersey and in Israel have years of experience.
  • The land package covers everything from arrival to departure. We make travel arrangements on our own, or through ITC, to ensure flexibility in choice of airlines and routes.
  • Through the years, our guide, Marc Goldberg, has become a member of the Temple family. In addition, our madrich, a professional youth counselor, will keep the children engaged and interested throughout the trip.
  • We will pray at the Wall, swim in the Dead Sea and climb Masada, hike in the Golan, explore Tel Aviv by day and night, meet interesting, knowledgeable and warm Israelis who will expand our horizons and provoke our thoughts…in sum, we will do and see and learn and experience all we can…and return different than we were when we arrived.

Family Mission to Israel 2018 Brochure

If you even think you might be interested, let Rabbi Kulwin or one of us know! It’s not too early to begin to plan.

A year from now…let’s go to Israel!

Mindy & Greg Scheier, Chairs, 2018 TBA Mission to Israel

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