June 25, 2017 •
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Congregational Learning

2017 Schedule of Classes and Programs

Our sages taught (Pirke Avot 2:7), “The more Torah, the more life!” Congregational Learning at Temple B’nai Abraham provides opportunities for learners of all ages to explore their identities as Jews. Through spiritual, academic and social programs and courses, opportunities for learning bring people together, helping to create a special sense of family and community. Our courses allow each participant to connect to the personal, ethical and social dilemmas that impact our Jewish and secular worlds. Participants in these courses and events often find it to be the first stone in a pathway towards a more committed and informed Jewish life, as well as an impetus for greater involvement in all aspects of congregational life: prayer, ethics, ritual practice, celebrations, social building and community connection.

Living from the Ashes: This year, many learning activities especially examine the Holocaust, our contribution to the ongoing Jewish struggle to comprehend just what happened.

Most classes are open to the community and free, unless otherwise indicated. Please read course descriptions for details. Register online or call 973.994.2290.

For information, please contact Director of Jewish Learning, Melissa Weinermweiner@tbanj.org.

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