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Congregational Learning: 2018-2019


Congregational Learning: 2019

Congregational Learning…Explore New Opportunities for Congregational Learning Please use this form to register for TBA congregational learning programs. These programs are free and most are open to the community. If you have any questions, before registering please call the Temple office at 973.994.2290.
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  • Book Selections for October 2018 to June 2019 Book Group members know that modern Jewish fiction falls mainly into three categories: books about Israel, books about the Holocaust and books about Jewish life in the Diaspora. In our twentieth year, we read works from each: Some are classics and some are new, and some approach their subject in unusual ways. Free and open to the community.
  • Rosh Hodesh is the celebration of the new Hebrew month and is a special time for women. Sisterhood—The Women’s Connection welcomes all women to join in an evening of learning, warmth, and spiritual growth. The Spring Rosh Hodesh event features a Women’s Seder before Passover. Join us each or any month and feel the sisterhood connection. Open to the community (To RSVP for the Women's Seder- go the Sisterhood-The Women's Connection Page)
  • Love, Lust and Power: David, The Biblical character Study the Books of Samuel and learn about David and his relationships.Through this exploration we will delve into the themes of love, lust, power and friendship. Bring your appetite for learning as well as your dairy lunch! Beverages will be provided! This course is free and open to the community
  • Jews, Art and Jewish Art The Ten Commandments insist that we are not to make graven images. Nevertheless, graphic arts—to say nothing of music, literature and other artistic forms—have long been associated with Jews and Jewish life. The Torah itself contains prose and poetry of unparalleled beauty; a Renaissance rabbi “proved” that all orchestra instruments were found in the Bible; and Marc Chagall is on anyone’s list of the greatest painters of the 20th Century. We will examine Jewish writings about art, and works of art themselves, to try to understand Judaism’s historic relationship with art, and the prominence art enjoys in Jewish life today. Taught in blocks of several weeks, each class will also be a stand-alone unit so that an inability to attend all (or even most) of the sessions will not be an impediment to an enjoyable and simulating learning experience. Free and open to the community.
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